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Every platform and terminal announcement is important, every message must be heard, every transmission must be understood…… no matter what their relative priority.

The P.A. People understands this imperative and the associated design requirements of integrated public address/paging/life safety solutions and delivers the systems that deliver the messages.

Concepts such as multiple levels of message priority, automatic message stacking, and integration with display systems and life-safety paging systems are all available to achieve this aim.   The P.A. People delivers the best mass-transit paging solutions available in the market.

Our Team has been involved in the design of two generations of airport and mass transit capable paging system products which are now found in hundreds of Venues globally - including: Heathrow, Beijing Terminal 3, Chicago Metra Light Rail, and Atlanta, Johannesburg and Sydney (T2) airports.

The P.A. People offers a highly-skilled and responsive repair and maintenance service to help keep the equipment and systems in peak condition. Preventive, scheduled maintenance programs provide a transport facility with the best insurance against system failure and equipment down-time.

Capability and services:

  • Announcement systems
  • Paging & Life-safety systems - multi-zone
  • Hearing augmentation systems
  • Multi-channel facility IPTV/digital signage
  • Facility wide cabling infrastructure
  • AV/LX/Audio systems for meeting, function and event spaces - fixed and portable
  • Service and ongoing preventative maintenance - incl. 'rental' to replace equipment out for service

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