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Civic & Cultural Events

Civic and cultural events bring with them their own unique requirements for audio and communications systems and expertise. With their high degree of public and media scrutiny, these events typically require the attention to detail, technical innovation and disciplined rollout that ensures critical stakeholders are secure in the knowledge that their communications systems will not let them down – regardless of the scale of the event.

We engage with major city, regional and local events and most recently have delivered on some of Australia’s most significant cultural and civic events including critical systems for Sydney’s New Year’s Eve celebrations, the Australia Day celebrations at Darling Harbour, and the St Kilda Festival in Victoria. 

As the country’s only independent supplier of event communication systems and equipment, our products are chosen from more than 40 of the world’s most innovative and dynamic companies, allowing us to bring you the right solution regardless of the complexity.

Capability and services:

  • Distributed audio and messaging systems for crowd control and public safety
  • Event control communication and monitoring systems including wired matrix and two-way radio integration for production, operational staff and essential services
  • Wide area and inter-city two-way radio systems
  • CCTV systems
  • Wired and wireless network infrastructure to support the above
  • UPS power systems
  • Environment and noise monitoring systems

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